Make some noise to the world’s smallest casinos!

Casinos are the ultimate destinations for people who gamble; they are found in tourist attractions such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, retail shopping centers, cruise ships, houseboats, etc.
From the luxurious and exotic casinos to the world’s biggest casinos ever, from the best casinos to quirky-themed casinos, from offline casinos to online casinos, we have seen a wide range of exposure in the casino business!
Now is the time to give a shoutout to the world’s smallest casinos and their best features; what say?
Let’s go!

★ Deltin Caravela Casino at Mandovi River, Goa, India:

Deltin Caravela is a floatel that never fails to offer a luxurious service to its customers and visitors. Despite being one of the smallest casinos globally, this cruise ship casino offers nearly 17 poker tables accompanying other gambling games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Also, enjoy the view of the Mandovi river while you travel, though the house wins every time!


★ Las Vegas’s Slots-A-Fun-Casino:

Would you believe it if we said that this casino from Nevada, USA, was once occupied by a Circus Circus merry-go-round? Somehow, you need to consider us! MGM took over the Circus Circus Enterprises, and this led to the creation of a casino. From organizing low-bet games of blackjack and craps to offering slot machines and electronic table games, this smallest casino of Las Vegas has indeed come a long way!

★ South Dakota’s Saloon No.10, Deadwood:

Sshh!! Were people dead in this area of the US? Yup, you are right. The name says it all!
Wild Bill Hickock took his last breath in the place while he had poker cards in his hands, while he was shot dead. That is when the area got used to the term, ‘Dead Man’s hand.’ With just 3,000 square feet, the place has built a casino with four blackjack tables and nearly 75 slot machines; this fascinates people and makes them visit the casino. In addition, the place has got its history with pieces and trinkets from the past. Furthermore, the casino has photographs of people who made Deadwood Infamous and live entertainment shows and an American whiskey bar in such a small area!


★ The flying casino- Air Jet Designs, Boeing 777:

Though the idea was implemented back then, Jean-Pierre Alfano, the man behind Air jet designs’ design, founding, and creativity, wanted to offer an exotic experience of gambling to his customers in flight!
The implementation is still in process, but the flying casino can be added to the list of the smallest casinos in the world that tries to offer opportunities for people to gamble and mingle while they fly.

★ Grosvenor London Taxi Cab, London


Casino in a cab? Yeah, why not!
All you need to do is book your destination where this cab casino gives you a ride and allows you to gamble meanwhile. The casino is indeed a four-wheeled paradise with online gaming facilities, a table, a bar, a dealer accompanying sports playing on the TV screen!

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